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“Your classes this winter were a big part of my prenatal birth plan. I hope to use some of the moves at my birth and will bring the Drummers of the Nile CD to the hospital. Thanks!”



“My 7yr. old daughter and I recently participated in the workshop you did at CCE. I loved the dancing and the information you gave about the dances and about body image and cultural implications…what great work you are doing empowering the female in our lives!”



“As your student I get exposed to much more than technique. I get history and a connection to the past, present and future aspects of who I am and can become as a woman. Thank you for sharing your passion.”



“I really want to thank you… You've taught us more than just how to execute the moves. And, I have a lot more to offer now because of it.”



“I am having such a great time and you are an awesome teacher. I haven't felt so free and accepted in a very long time. You rock!”



"I am so grateful... I wish every woman in the world would have an opportunity to take your class."

Instruction & Performance

Settle into your body and rediscover its beauty through the ancient techniques of Middle Eastern Belly Dance. This elegant, sensual art form celebrates the unique powers of our bodies at every phase of life. Come experience why this dance is excellent exercise and so much fun! On-going classes and special workshops are offered in Portland for all levels from beginner to professional. Private coaching and semi-private classes available by appointment.

Jamileh offers a number of workshops including "Gathering the Gifts of Women", “Mother & Daughter Belly Dance” and “Pre-Natal Belly Dance”. She will also design specialty workshops suited to your specific needs, by request.

Jamileh offers educational workshops with an emphasis on culture or body image suitable for all levels of school age children, youth and adults. She offers these as a solo artist or teamed with accomplished musicians incorporating both music and dance in an interactive setting. Educational and community hosts include: Bowdoin College, the University of Southern Maine, the University of New England, The Children's Museum of Maine, The Girl Scouts of America, Bristol Consolidated School, Hollis Elementary School, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth & Scarborough Middle Schools, Reiche Elementary School and Thornton Academy among others.

A wonderful way to honor and celebrate women's and girls’ birthdays, wedding/baby showers, etcetera.


Jamileh is a favorite at many cultural events including The American Arabic Benevolent Association’s 25th Anniversary Gala, The 37th National Melkite Convention, The 66th National Folk Festival with Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble, The American Folk Festival, "From Kef to Classical" I & II, The Festival of Cultural Exchange, “The Vagina Monologues” at Merrill Auditorium and The Center for Cultural Exchange’s “Kef North”. She is honored to have been the resident dancer with the late, great Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian Middle Eastern Ensemble and is delighted to continue performing with the wonderful Okbari Middle Eastern Music Ensemble and Alhan Arabic Music Ensemble. Audiences have described her shows as “elegant”, “breathtaking” and “authentically Arabic”. Jamileh is available to perform for weddings, festivals, haflis and other cultural celebrations. Please see Special Events Page for a list of upcoming performances.


Questions? Call (207) 773-2966.





We study the techniques of both Raqs Sharqi (performance-style) and Raqs Beledi (folkloric) through group and solo choreography, intuitive movement, and meditation to stretch, strengthen, refresh and invigorate, at Maine Center for Taijiquan & Qigong (formerly Full Circle Synergy), 500 Forest Avenue, Portland, enter from parking lot behind building.

~Ongoing Tuesday Evenings~

All Levels 5:30-6:30pm; Intermediate - Professional Optional Add On 6:30-7:00pm

All Levels Only: Drop-In $15, 10 Class Card $120*

All Levels Plus Add On: 10 Class Card $150*

*10 Class Cards expire 12 consecutive classes from individual time of purchase.



Using the movement techniques of belly dance, along with meditation, conversation, literature and art, join us as we delve deeper into the power of settling into our sensual selves and celebrating the amazing gifts we bring to the world simply because we are women. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow for your comfort.



Belly dance is a celebration of women and life at all phases. What a wonderful thing to share with each other! Mothers and daughters can be any age, birth, adoptive, grand, step, god, in-law, aunt, niece, sister, cousin, partner, wife or just good friend. All are welcome!

Want to learn more? Watch this wonderful video by Kelly Labrecque of WCSH6 and WLBZ2: Fit at Five Mother & Daughter Belly Dance

A portion of the proceeds from Mother & Daughter Belly Dance is donated to organizations that also celebrate women. Past recipients include Maine Women's Fund, Birth Roots, Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, La Leche League Portland/South Portland, Midwives of Maine, A Company of Girls, Preble Street Women's Shelter, Real Life Real Talk, Middle East Children's Alliance and a special to the Lebanese Red Cross.



Class size is limited. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

DRESS COMFORTABLY - yoga pants or skirt, a fitted rather than bulky top, bare feet, and a sash to tie around one’s hips (not necessary, but helpful.)

PERFORMANCE AND PRIVATE COACHING students need a set of finger cymbals (musical instrument, not decorative) and a veil.

Please see Registration Page to register.


Jamileh ~ 189 St. John St. ~ Portland, ME 04102 ~ (207) 773-2966 ~ E-mail